Docodee is an API we built to serve dynamic, user populated documents. With an easy to navigate friendly backend, create forms, buttons and structured data flows. On the front end, collect user data in a simple, Turbo Tax like branching flow, then email or download populated, digitally signed PDFs. The difference here is the mapping. We ingest EXISTING form sets, … Read More

TOP – The on-boarding project


A customer on-boarding backend and API, which includes initial account creation and management, digital signatures, credit and personal data verification, and document management and storage. Flexible and scalable, can be fitted to accommodate any business regardless of size or vertical.


Android, IOs, Web

A mobile account management application for teams, small businesses, couples and roommates. It allows you to scan receipts, track invoices and manage your finances with minimal, beautiful user inference. Deployed natively for iOS and Android, with a LAMP backend to provide web based services. And best of all? It’s FREE!

Intercement Brazil & Argentina


A corporate product and services portal, currently implemented in for the Brazilian and Argentinian markets, with an African, and an European version in development. We did all severe creation, configuration and management for this system, and verse those pieces on an ongoing basis. This project was made in partnership with UNO+BRAND



A social network with bundled hashtag system, running a LMS (learning management system) integrated with Adobe Captivate. Login APIs from Linked and Facebook, Paypal API for payment, localized for any language on earth. Includes social network gamification features to increase user engagement. The design of this platform is implemented by another party (beauty is in the eye of the beholder. … Read More