Robots vs The Bible

Android, Games, IOs

In this edgy, beautiful and thought provoking project, we created a game around the Bible. It asks the question: what is more important, mere words, or true meaning? And in this age of fungible, digital media what, truly, is a “book?” Deployed natively on both iOS and Android, and structured around a unique implementation of the Cocos2d physics engine, it … Read More

Spynn Caster

Android, Games, IOs

A realtime, multiplayer spell casting game (we invented that genre.) We wondered – can we make a web socket based game that serves data faster than node.js? And then we answered our own question – yes. Spynncaster is built with a backend of Luvit, a Lua based node.js like environment which is up to 10 times faster (it’s definitely faster, … Read More


Android, IOs, Web

A mobile account management application for teams, small businesses, couples and roommates. It allows you to scan receipts, track invoices and manage your finances with minimal, beautiful user inference. Deployed natively for iOS and Android, with a LAMP backend to provide web based services. And best of all? It’s FREE!